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Upgrade Complete. Divided into Resource Sections - Almost everything is free to use .The authors
 of the material provide it from their hearts to yours. My thought - if you can consider supporting 
them in some way thru paypal, patreon. A few bucks ,any amount let's them know you their time 
spent putting their work out there is helping fill a need is seen and appreciated. I started putting this 
site together on August 31 2021.I want to fill a void I saw. A place where people who seek the light ,
information tools to help them light the path they walk everyday all in one place. A lot of times what

you are using now does not work anymore. Maybe you can come here and find something to help you take the next step .

 To use the links -  with your mouse just highlight them, then right click the link with 
 your mouse, then from the drop down menu - click on Go to and it will go to that webpage .

New tools / links  will be added as as they become available. 
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Over half a million visitors in 125 days. and that's before the Upgrade .

It doesn't get any better than this . If you forgot to sign up or didn't see the link to the free live event
here is the Replay - 
https://higherfrequencies.net//dreaming-a-new-dream    I don't know how long it will be up

  Another Fantastic Webinar   - Dreaming a New Dream. I want to thank Wendy Kennedy and The     Pleiadian  Collective  ( the P's)  for stepping up and providing the Teaching, Support and Experience
 that is unmatched anywhere on the planet to anyone who wanted to attend for Free. Thank you


Kyron           - 5 links He has been here teaching for 28,29 years.


         Each link  has a shorten version of previous messages/teaching which is great and unbeatable.
         The Healing Wednesday videos also. Lots of information - fantastic stuff .the last link is to the Kyron
         library. A really, really long list of answers to questions that have been asked. 

Wendy Kennedy  - 2 links  26 years and counting


         Wendy Kennedy channels the Pleiadian Collective. 2500 beings of Pure Light. They don't have physical
         bodies. They are sometimes referred to as the P's. Master Teachers .One on One for 2 hours. Like sitting
         across a small table ,having a conversation, looking each other in the eye . Just you and them. With light
          language and updates on current events and answers to live and pre submitted questions from you .In my 
         opinion, Wendy and the P's are the gold standard. No talking to somebody sitting beside them ,no laugh
         ing ,getting up ,moving around, showing some other website, getting up and somebody else take over ,
         distractions. Wendy has a monthly event/session on Zoom . It is recorded and put in your library to view
         anytime you want to. The light language is separated MP 3 format if you just want to work with them .
         They are downloadable. The events/sessions are very affordable compared to what I have seen and 
         attended. There is no comparison. Cheaper and way better. You be the judge. There is one of her Zoom
         event/sessions above , the replay of Dreaming a New Dream. how to create your own reality .A must
         see. Just click the link and sign in and watch. Wendy also has a lot of MP 3's ,courses, classes at her 
LnL Awakening  -  2 Links 
                            Massive collection of Light Language and the Codes to go with them 
                            Years of work ,Long list of intensions /activations .You got to see them
                            Over a hundred. And they are adding More.  A Super Store /Warehouse 
                            Boosters of all types, Chakra alignment, Chakra balance, AI removal,
                            Covid relief ,kundalini ,transmutation, body healing, jehovian seals etc.
Linda Good Mc Gillis 
                           - 2 Links

                            Her Zoom videos she posts on youtube. She is blunt .The most Ancient Ancient 
                            A Soul walk in She is here to change the binary codes of earth

 Focused Life Force Energy  The Conscious Energy of Love       1 Link 

                            This is a One Of  A  Kind  Service 
                            It Floods your Property with the Conscious Energy of Love. They give you a 15 day
                            Free Trial. You get a slide bar to adjust from 500 to 570 in your Portal .You can 
                            boost that to 600 for 30 minutes a day. You can live in the consciousness of Love.
                            You can Pay it foward .Your subscription allows you to give one away to a family 
                            member who does not live with you or a church school, anyone. It will be set  to 500.
                            It will be Permanent. You must be sure when you do that, that you really want them 
                            to have it if it's not a family member. It can't be changed . It also Mitagates  EMF. You
                            can attach it to your phone or an object. There are different programs written into the 
                            conscious energy . Below is a link for that and the last link is a explanation, description
                            of the David Hawkins map of conscious .If you sign up for the 15 Day Free trial you
                            can use your physical address or GPS coordinates . The GPS conversion Link is below.


ALLOne  ALLove   1 Link 

                             Current Abraham Hicks  Six magic words  Test the universe and others 
Light Quest International
                            -1 Link 

                            Light language codes and symbols 

Light Language
https://www.lnlawakening.com/   Their Awesome website
  Website with youtube videos -  Here you can download them to your computer. LnL are incredibly
 Nice. I don't know of anyone who will let you download over one hundred Light language activations  
 and the light language codes to go with them without Charging you .All for Free .There is years of work
 on the site You can even submit an idea to channel for their youtube channel . They have a Podcast
                     Many listings
                    Sign in for free account 

Med Beds

 Sirian StarShip Timeless  Click on the picture once, you'll see the circle with the plus sign ,click again 
and move your mouse around you can see the beds from different angles .No signs ,arrows, red bins, 
operating equipment.
Incredible Technology. 4628 Med Beds and Healing Chambers


  6 Different Star Ships You can choose a Alien Race you feel connected to .

Sacred Geometry
                               Codes and Symbols 

Angel Frequency Healing 

                                  Numerous videos to listen to. Both awake and sleep 

Subliminal healing  2 Links 


Meta physics healing - shops mediums ,psychics, clairvoyance ,crystals and much more
https://www.etsy.com/listing/940249180/similar?ref=internal_similar_listing_boT   https://www.etsy.com/shop/ActivationsbyZoe?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=1114987428 

You can go to any link and in the search bar on top of page Type in what you are looking for and you can 
browse all the different shops . There are costs involved, from a dollar up depending on what you are looking  for. They are Esty Shops. Esty has a wide variety of things. I have purchased crystals stones, light language etc.  It is one place to find mediums, clairvoyants, psychics, good witches, they can Channel entities. Mainstream  
thinking might think (channeling ) is different form what they do.  Is it. A channel uses safe guards, protection 
practices to insure they are safe from dark entities. Look around ,use the links .There is lots of things to explore.

  I hope this website will give seekers a sense of calm, comfort  direction-yours, relief in knowing there is a secure path to ascension. Everyone's  path will look and feel different because of free will. The path ends in the same place. You have links to the best teacher/mentors  I could find. What you will not find is advertising or anything on this platform to generate income or pay for this or that or donations. That was second on my list of intentions when I started this. Number one is explained above. Number 3 is create this for Serious seekers to come together seeking the truth and bring what they might find will help everyone , along with questions or discussion in the Blog. Things like Where is Michael Jackson  do not help us ascend . Search for someone to channel those answers for you if you must know. This platform does not entertain those thoughts. If we help each other find our own truth -We Can Walk this Path Together.

links  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZP4NYCqU-Fo  Creation of Racism - Story of Light and Dark  ( Start Here )

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTJswnDVzeM  I AM Commands 

 link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnKXo6mOxvY  The 144 Explained - Super informative. Akashic Records Channelers 

 link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x_-cMJ8aHs   Candle work  higher self  Take control of the mind

 link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92DMDle19lQ   Confirmation of  Plan 

 link   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoB2J9lmphhk260rJkglnGg/videos  LM YouTube 

link  https://www.youtube.com/c/KryonLeeCarroll0   Lots of info The Plan

 link   https://kryon.com/inspiritmag/archives/Q-A%20archives/archiveindex.html  Library answers lots of questions

 link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aJyqXD4e_o   Wendy Explains The Game - Light Language 

 link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXqm8wl1vkI  Lions Gate Aug. Energy INFO,INFO -  Ancient

 link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhQx5UJ9_8c  Christ Consciousness Explained - Nesara Jesara Story- HG - Ancient  

 link https://www.youtube.com/c/HealingMeditation/videos  - Numbers - Angel Frequency 

 link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IH1_eEHfyco  What a soul walk in goes thru - We are fighting our own Ascension
 Soul walk ins are too detrimental -rarely done. Timeline fully explained -Master Teaching- Get Ready for December 26th.

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